Provide details of payment

  • Instructions for Online Fee Payment:-
    1) Click "fee structure" and note:-
        a)Amount you want to pay
        b) Mode of Payment Kindly note that “Amount Payable to IMS” will be debited to you instantly.     "Charges payable to the bank" will also be debited to your account/card.
    2) Click "Payment Category" and select Fee Payment. Fill details in online payment form and submit. (All the fields marked with star are compulsory.)
    3) The summary of the details filled by you will appear. After confirming correctness of the details, click the “online payment” button.
    4) Click “Pay” button. Select your mode of payment from payment window and make the payment.
    5) You may save or print an "e-receipt" for your reference.
    6) "Payment Reference number" stated in e-receipt to be noted and to be informed to IMS at along with your name FOR ALL FEES PAID and also to be filled in the Application Form (If you are applying for admission to IMS).
  • Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)